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Curcu Gold Effervescent with 500mg Curcumin

Highly potent curcumin helps achieve full body detox*, improved immunity* & clear skin*.
  •  Immunity Boost* image Immunity Boost*
  •  Strong Joints* image Strong Joints*
  •  Clear Skin* image Clear Skin*
  •  Healthy heart* image Healthy heart*
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Try Plix, Risk-Free for 90 days*

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Yum Thing for Stronger Immunity

Infused with antioxidants, potent curcumin & other herbs to strengthen joints*, improve immunity* and clarify skin*.

  • Easy to consume & travel friendly
  • No added refined sugar
  • Helps achieve real results

How To Use It



Take 1 Curcu fizzy and drop it in a glass of cold water. Add Ice to make it more tasty and refreshing.



Let it dissolve completely.



Your delicious Curcu drink is ready! Drink it within 2-3 minutes for a better taste.

when to use
When To Use:

Drink one tablet daily, 30 minutes after dinner.



Ancient ayurvedic herb that helps to boost immunity and improve joint strength.

Vitamin C

 Vitamin C
Elevate your skincare routine with Vitamin C's collagen-boosting properties, revealing a youthful, glowing complexion.

Ginger Extract

 Ginger Extract
Unlock the health benefits of ginger's bioactive compounds, known for their anti-inflammatory & digestive support.

Black Pepper Extract

 Black Pepper Extract
Enhance nutrient absorption with piperine, a key component of black pepper extract, maximizing the benefits of other ingredients.
 Ingredient list

Curcu Gold – Nutritional Info

Servings per container: 15

Serving size: 1 Tablet (4.3g)

Amount per serving

Calories 12.42 kcal

Total Carbohydrates (contains < 0.01g added sugar) 3.05 g

Sodium (as elemental sodium) 208 mg

Elemental Zinc (as Zinc Sulphate)10 mg

Vitamin C (as Ascorbic acid) 40 mg

Curuma Longa Extract (Curcuminoids-25%)500 mg

Zingiber officinale extract 15 mg

Piper nigrum extract (Piperine-95%) 2 mg

Binder [Mannitol & INS 1201]

Regulator [INS 330, INS 500(i) & INS 500(ii)]

Bulking Agent
(INS 420)

Lubricant (INS 211)

Sweetener [INS 960 & Monk Fruit


Glidant (INS 551).


Customer Reviews

Based on 125 reviews
Michael Johnson
Amazing results

Plix Curcu Gold has been a big help in my health journey. The full-body detox properties this effervescent offers are incredible. I feel rejuvenated from the inside out. My energy levels have soared, and I've noticed a significant improvement in my immunity. I really like the idea of having curcu in the effervescent form and what's best is that it is very delicious! Having raw curcumin is so unpleasant, I tried once but said a big no..but you can have this fizzy as it tastes superb!!! It is easy to use & mess free, you can have it on the go!

Hey Michael, thanks you for sharing your experience! Make sure you check out our other bestsellers too!

For more queries, drop us an email at Take Care, Have Fun!

Sam Rajput
Daily immune booster

As someone who takes fitness seriously, maintaining a robust immune system is essential. Plix Curcu Gold has now become my go-to immunity booster. The blend of curcumin and other natural ingredients has noticeably strengthened my defenses. It's reassuring to know that I'm supporting my body from the inside. If you're serious about staying healthy, this Curcu Gold is a must.

Hi Sam, we're glad to be a part of your daily essentials. If there's anything more you'd like to share, we're here to listen! Do check out our other bestsellers too! For more queries, drop us an email at Take Care, Have Fun!

Aanya Kapoor
Best fizzy drink!

Plix Curcu Gold has not just helped me improve my immunity. Due to the changes in weather here, I used to catch cough & cold very frequently which has really affected my immunity. Now since I have started using this Curcu effervescent daily I have noticed I don't catch cold that frequently. It has really boosted my immunity and enhanced my overall health. I feel more energized and healthier than ever before. I highly recommend Plix Curcu Gold to anyone looking to support their immune system and improve their well-being.

Hey Aanya, we are so happy to hear your feedback! Do check out our bestsellers :D

For more questions or concerns, drop us an email at

Take Care, Have Fun!

Alexa Rodriguez
Great for joint health

When I started running daily, I realized how important joint health is. My friend recommended using this Curcu Gold effervescent & since I have started using this it has been a big help in this regard. The anti-inflammatory properties are remarkable, and I've experienced increased flexibility and reduced joint discomfort. Whether you're an athlete or just looking to take better care of your joints, Plix Curcu Gold is a powerful solution.

Thank you Alexa for your review & we're thrilled to hear that you loved these delicious fizzies!

Have you used any other products from Plix? Would love to know more about your experience.

For more questions or concerns, drop us an email at

Take Care, Have Fun!

Gwanda Spheres
Must Have for Joint Pain Relief

Plix Curcu Gold has been a best solution for my joint pain. Its detoxifying properties have been incredibly effective, and I'm finally experiencing relief from discomfort and stiffness in my joints.

Hey, Gwanda! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your positive experience.

Drop us an email at for any queries or concerns.

Take Care, Have Fun!

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Curcumin sets turmeric apart with its unique color and flavor. Our Plix Curcumin Supplement, with 45% curcumin, is 5x more potent than traditional turmeric, which typically contains only 2-5% curcumin.

Yes, Plix Curcu Fizzy is a safe & effective natural immunity booster. It can be used to manage excessive inflammation that threatens long-term health and helps in cell regeneration.

Both men & women who boost their skin health, strengthen immunity, reduce stress, and improve heart/liver function can consume this but consult your doctor if nursing, pregnant, diabetic, or on medication.

Our effervescent has a refreshing tropical mango flavour and tastes delicious!

If you have a question that isn’t answered in our FAQs then please get in touch or check out our general FAQs.

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